Aqua Duir
A water door  to the Light of the Universe
and all that is Divine.  Is Aqua Duir the
end of the Forest Nautica or just the
beginning?  The title for this painting was
found it the morning it  was completed.  I
then had to “thread the I.”

There are many biblical transmutations of
this story
•The Divine One can thread an elephant
through the eye of a needle.
•No man can fit through the eye of the
needle with the baggage of accumulations
(mental or physical).
•There is a gate in Jerusalem where only
one camel and a man could fit through if
on bended knee, no baggage;  and,
• I found a beautiful monument rock in
South Dakota (via internet)  called the
“Eye of the Needle” it looks like Aqua Duir
turned upside down.

The Aqua Duir will be opened to our  
souls with love from the Divine One.  That
the gift of my grief,  love pure and simple.  
Nothing else matters, nothing. I travel with
less baggage now.   Love doesn’t take up
space and there is an endless supply,
everywhere,  for the taking.  If I  need  to
thread an elephant through the eye of a
needle, God will help me do that.  I will
step through Aqua Duir when my tasks
are finished and my lessons learned.   For
now I am marking the path in my Forest,
to light the way for the next hunters to see
the signs, and maybe save them some
scrapes and bruises.  What I find in this
Forest between the Gate Goddess and
Aqua Duir is up to me and my Guides.  In
the meantime I share the Light.  

Aqua Duir © 2005 Laura Hamill
Aqua Duir