God Is:   The Thought of a Breath and the Air of Your Prayer
Insurmountable Objects
When Viewed from the Right Angle
Are Very Easily Overcome
Lessons with Spiral and Triangle
© 2005 Laura Hamill
The way into the Castle is through the
A Wish is the Promise of Tomorrow.  
A Promise should always be a Gift of Love.
All of our lives as Indigo Folk we have learned how to not delegate. It has
always been easier than taking the time to try and educate others (and
much less frustrating to us).
This is now our lesson of Compassion. Our new roles are not lessons or
tasks we can do alone. It will not work that way any longer.  We must share
our knowledge and educate others by lighting their path and letting them
see how easily we can now move into getting the important work done.
The Medallions of Meditation are the Flowers of the Universe
Elegant Gifts from God