Forest Nautica, Gate Goddess
I am walking in a healing forest,   where it was my destiny to travel, determined by
The Divine One,  this sharp turn in the trail of my life path.A trail you cannot feel
beneath your feet for many of the early weeks and months.  I depended on the Saints I
know in Heaven and a handful of golden folk on earth to keep me away from the cold,
sharp edges of this path. Where I pray with tears like rainbow raindrops against the
ultramarine blue and burnt umber sky of grief for peace and the numbness of sleep.

My promise was love and strength before he died and he promised me peace and
warmth would be sent from Heaven. We were so thankful for the gift of the goodbye
time. He keeps his promise every night and gives me a warm blanket of love, the pulse
of peace strumming in my fingers as he holds my hand and full spectrum inspirations
while I meditate under the stars. Where the first tree that bloomed from my brush
sprouted seashells, and guards the shards of my widow’s heart.

The Gate Goddess of Forest Nautica.   One of the many gifts of grief.

Before I entered this healing forest a butterfly’s shadow appeared on the ground
before me a giant chasm in the earth  shaped like my broken heart, a  pit of grief.

I have been taught this is really a Divine Well of Spiritual Light, You just have to dip
very deep for the soothing bounty. Because to know deep grief, you must have lived
in  joy.  I had a wife’s joy of more than twenty one years of love from my soul mate, a
brave and noble man whose lessons were learned.

Now he is a bold purple and gold energy, too huge to paint for any of my little brushes.
But when I now dip into the well of Spiritual Light  there is still love, more than before,
better, bigger this grief gift; it is a clear, white cord of love straight from one soul into
the other.  Forged with faith and love, strong and unbroken.  An eternal love that no
obstacles, opinions, or language can impede – it is all around me, forever.