An excerpt – from my second kindle book being published now
Writing Evolution the Novel Adventures of L’Aura Lightflower © Laura Hamill 2015
Volume 2, Cosmic Explorations
Log 14
I feel a wave of great joy from a place within my soul.  From my deep senses I suddenly detect a familiar
pull in my connection to EN.  EN smiles back and acknowledges there is a foundational emotion between
us – he was just waiting for me to confirm the feeling.  I have felt this strong pull a few times in the life
spans that I remember – EN is a soul partner and this is the beginning of rapport of the heart.
EN steps very close to me and asks if I would care to share an experience in this elements sector.  We
have just brushed against the possibilities of a heart relationship.  He wants to share a physical
experience beyond the physical or even non-physical forms that I know.   He assists me with a form shift
– where I become the water in a beautiful streambed in this sector, and now he is the streambed – made
of rounded rocks and soft green growth lining the path for the water.  I am entirely delighted!    I am fluid
and free and feel the deep nature of water structure and the relationship of that structure to the air and
the streambed.  Watch how I turn and bend around the rounded, hard stones of the streambed
completely transparent and fully physical in an entirely new way unique to my previous experiences.  I
note the touch of water is not just upon but into other things.  Water permeates and can change the
physical features of so many things that it touches.  The power of water is immense but still contained
wholeness for the all.  In this experience of water and streambed I felt into the deepest soul places of
He relays we will shift again and now I am the streambed and he is the water.  I feel the density of the
stones and the complete connection to the soils structure in this place.  I can connect through the stones
to all the places in this streambed.  Then I feel the brush of water by forceful flow, by playful splashes
and by stillness against my rock form.  Surreal and sensual all at once this touch and movement sharing
in entirely different physical forms was so beautiful.  
Beyond that even, it was a deeply moving experience to share with EN.  The best words for this log
would be the ignition of my passion at a level I have never experienced.  The combinations of our
energies wove amazing feelings for both of us.  These feelings do not require the transmitting of words
because they were sharings of pure, bright joy.  This joy has completely infused my being.
EN gently assists me back to my physical form and he shifts to his first form in the physical as
ambassador.   We stand very close, in each other’s breath space for a few moments.  The intimacy of
being water and the streambed has lifted our heart explorations to an exquisite level.

an excerpt from my new book  copyright Laura Hamill 2015
"I do not feel the lack of not knowing anymore, rather, I feel the anticipation of the more to come."
an excerpt from my new book copyright Laura Hamill 2015
My heart and soul stretch into the measureless, shared imagination to touch energies that immediately
grow into rich, full images of place and content.  Alongside,  there sits a fix, a task for me;  a writing to
expand what was a static belief into a wonderment to further the knowledge and background of the
galaxies.  There is the creative consultant at work – in that minute space of choice – not accepting what
was told as “is” and making an opening for light to grow that spark into “what can be.”

Ganesha in the Star Garden by Laura Hamill April 2015
In cosmic meditation experiencing my connection to earth and stars I see the energy of Ganesha fully
present in a garden of stars.  Multibrilliant colorings in this garden  twinkle light and patterns each star
lively growing this cosmicscape.   I know this Ganesha energy  very clearly he has been there for me all
along in many meditations and now I recognize  just to ask for obstacles to be removed.  Asking to see
truth and asking for miracles for the all.
These star gardens, abundant in divine energy and ready to connect  our trail of experience from earth to
stars and beyond that even.
Ganesha again toward the end of the meditation in the place of pure peace, and I am not looking for
anything at all.  I am pure peace where everything resides.
At the end of the meditation is the heart of me that I share with everything as my connection place  
pearly and translucent and wrapping in golden filigree of patterns and decoration  incredibly light and
shining and the chains that I had built around it now broken and falling  freeing the essence of myself to
the pure experience  all of it.
I am free.  At the very last was the reflection of my light the all of me.  I am the child, the prayer, the
higher self and always connected in a peaceful pose shining bright and clear.
Love and more love

Ah Nature – by Laura Hamill April 2015
Ah Nature – please tell me more about Nature.  Nature is a state of being.  You feel how you are
completely connected right now, yes!  That is your nature.  Spend more time in nature means that.  
Expand how you use words.  You thought this was a forest or garden, it is everything.  Your light is big.  
Thank you for turning it on and keeping it on.  
The way you see the waves and rocks and wind continually moving energy on earth – so are you.  
Breathing and smiling and loving are moving energy the same way through the cosmos.
Love and more love

Facing Creation by Laura Hamill April 2015
From the deep within I heard everyone you face is you.  
During further exploration I asked to hear more.    It is of facing creation and seeing through it.
Release all thoughts and feel.
Find yourself inside of everything and everyone.
I felt fullness and heard to live in that.
Then I was asked to tell how it feels to live in that.
I answered it was wholeness and unknown, ever changing and perfection.
I was full of love and have so much to give.
Love and more love

I Am A Sharegiver © Laura Hamill 2015
I am a wild thing. I am filled with stardust and nature and lots of love.  I want to teach soul painting and
writing and help people find that inner space, the creative shared space where we all meet and design
the experience we call life.
I believe in magic and angels and fairies. I believe in thinking with the heart and that all lessons are about
I am growing my reality right now to include a fantastic man to share the dream with me.  To make
classes and writings and painting that inspire now and beyond now.
I am a SHAREGIVER and I bring love and light to the experience.  I am completely in love with all the
wondrous things in my experience. I love the Monterey Bay where I live. I love the cottage where I make
art and write and rest.  I love the day job where I can share all of the lessons that I have learned and
learn new things and ways to be with people that is living the life of an enlightened being in an office filled
with others in the path of the experience.  I love my friends and family for they nourish and teach some of
the best lessons all at the same time.
I have a couple of books inside my heart now just peeking to the outer world with the words just starting
to be placed on paper.  These are gifts. They are pure creative downloads, like this writing.  Writing is
like breathing to me.    They come to life when they show up – like a birth of the deep consciousness of
all and a piece of a grand puzzle that is ever changing.
In this patterned puzzle there are old and new wisdoms.  There are words that feels as light as air and
words that touch a very deep space within.
This conscious mosaic I am creating is all fresh and shows up when I put the pen on paper.  The writing
has a cadence, a part of the pattern in the way the universe delivers it through my heart into my hand
then to the paper.
When I paint it is the same way.  The color of paint I mix and the start and stop of the brush applying the
paint are all coming from a vast place of creative guidance.  When I step back from the painting I see lots
of patterns and life blooming on the paper.  
I got a message from the ocean rocks last week in Big Sur.  I watched a rock very far out in the ocean
with waves breaking upon it’s face.  When I held my hands up to see the narrow view, I could only see
that rock, all alone in the vastness with waters crashing upon it moment  after moment but when I
expanded my view and took my hands away I saw many rocks and boulders grouped together and
beautiful formations of stone on the water.  I realized then that in the expanded view there was no
aloneness.  In the expanded view there are rocks and stones and water and air and sun all sharing the
experience with me.  I am a part of it all and ever changing.
I knew I my heart that the shared space is the place of growing and the place of expansion for all. I am no
longer alone in the water. I am a part of this life to engage with the big dream for the expanded
I Am a SHAREGIVER – sharing  thoughts, words and painting my experience  every day. I breathe into
the expansion of the universe.
Love and more love

My Lover © Laura Hamill 2014
To My Lover – Drawing
As I draw my pencil over the new leaf I am creating, the soft lines and gentle touches remind me of you.  
The softest touch of the pencil lead drawing an edge to the leaf is your finger tracing along my spine and
arms starting the shared dance of love.  The touches of my pencil become more focused on filling in the
gaps of my leaf.  Your fingers and tongue and breath fill those places in me that have been empty and
blank for a while now.  I tremble then shake as a leaf in a wind completely in the natural joy of you.

To My Lover – A Challenge
Please challenge me to be the best human I can express.  Meet me with humor and wit and a full heart to
share every day.  Touch those places of my heart and soul that are newly grown out of the unconditional
love of the universe and the scars of my past.  
This I know, my heart is full of love and ever expanding.  My wild self is on the edge of a vast new
exploration and I want to share it with you.  I will promise to be here, fully present in blending our lights
into an incredible rainbow of love.  Meet me in that place that has no name or map.  Meet me in that place
where we grow joy together.  You fill me with stardust and ahhhhhhs.  I unravel in you and reweave
together with you.  Welcome to heaven.

The Space In Between the Words © Laura Hamill 2014
In meditation during a recent retreat – this phrase was revealed.  In that moment I could feel the energy
of the delivery and what we were seeking was that – in that space between the words.  In those silent
pauses and those still moments we touch and feel the connection and wisdom that is all around us.  In
that space of not putting our attention on anything, just being in the space, we are fully present and open
to the full and delightful experience of being awake and aware now.
From my open heart, love and more love

Independence Day  - Standing over the sink this morning letting the “little thoughts” wash down the
drain, letting go of this, that and the other thing …..then I realized what I had left was a FRESH START! A
NEW BEGINNING! Letting go...... not only the are doors open, they are blown off the hinges, there are no
doors stopping me now.
Love and more love

Knowing Akashic © Laura Hamill
I saw this quote by Plato “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination
and life to everything.”   In the reading of the words the words were familiar, like I had touched them or
said them a very long time ago.  I could feel this quote, as if it were a part of me, as if it were built into me.
In pondering that I realized that the Akashic records are not some giant bound volumes of data in a
crystal tower in another dimension.  They are organic and part of the fiber of our being and always
accessible.  There is no librarian that has to open the door and grant partial permissions.  We are the
Akashic -  knowing all that is between the before and the beyond.  It is a deep organic knowing in our
beingness and forever accessible.
When we learn how to touch that deep place of access without limitation and separation we will know
the universe of ourselves.
Love and more love

My Garden © Laura Hamill 2014
It is my garden to nourish.  This is the place where new dreams grow with the spices of my lessons  and
the soil of my knowing. I will not add my old stories here. This is a new place where the things will grow  
and flourish that my heart has felt. This is where I am connected to the vast.

Sky and Land © Laura Hamill 2014
Where the sky is the land and the sea is the sky and the tree branches are water and air and the ground
is bark, branches and leaves.  Where you turn everything upside down and inside out so you can see
things from a new perspective

Waves on Sand © Laura Hamill 2014
The waves – soft and white scalloped and frothy -  lapping against the sand in one endless dance with
and against each other.  They look separated by time and space, first one wave, then the next one
coming up behind with just a different pattern and design.   Really they are the same – they are then
pulled back out by the motion of energy to the endless sea and fill that space together.
So it is with our human experience.  Our mind perceives us as making different patterns against the
experience with and against each other.   Separate by time and space and the projection that our mind
has crafted to keep us in that space that “it” can perceive.  It is time to stop playing in the small pool of
the mind.  It is time to recognize the greatness of this gift of experience and open your heart wide to the
Really,  we are always together and a part of the entirety of everything.  So imagine yourself now as this
beautiful energy dancing on the sand as you dance in the great sea of experience always and forever.

March 27, 2014
Choose Joy.  Choice, a great gift.
Love and more love

March 13, 2014 - Zero consternation
That is the message I got last night.  To approach life from a zero consternation zone.  To make room in
my perceptions about life and the reality that is being played out in front of me for an expanded thought
and much love for everything.  In the place of zero consternation is a place of peace and recognition of
the wholeness that is within everything and everyone.

This feels good to me and makes the playing field so much larger where I can grow my dreams.  
Love and more love.

The Language of Art by Laura Hamill - January 2014
Art has its own language.  It is beyond words, sentences and paragraphs.  Art is its own language.  The
creative events occur when the art speaks directly to the person experiencing the art whether they are
the artist or the person appreciating the piece.

In that direct connection, there is something utterly beyond words,  sharing language to the soul.  This
happens to me when I am with my watercolors, pencils and even at the computer writing stories.

What is incredible to me is that I have the experience of listening to the language of art from creation and
appreciation.   It is the same.  Sitting with a painting just starting to put the wet color on the paper and
feeling into the piece (listening to the language) and hearing music or viewing another piece of art
evokes the same knowledge of that language.

The language of creation is in each experience.  This language sings to my soul.  This language is the
knowing that from a deep place within me (the universe) is bending and swirling and flowing to share this
language.  Those patterns of creation make our reality.

Listen to the language of art.  Pick up a paint brush or a pencil or go to a pretty garden and look at the
flowers and trees.   You will hear the language of creation – the art of our experience.

Love and more love

October 26, 2013 -   MY INK IS LOUD!  
I have received many beautiful blessings in the space of connection recently and will now share.  I love
to design gardens so here is the channeling I received with  garden design as a metaphor for designing
my life.
Contemplate the landscape of my life.  The design.  What is the focal point?  What grows in this climate?  
What makes blossoms – then plant the plants that flower.  How big is the design?  How mature are the
plants?  Do you want it completed or experience the joy of watching the plants mature and fill in the
landscape?   Observe how they interact with each other during this process and complete the landscape
gently over time rather just filling it up to the point that it is stuffed full with no room for change or growth
or even the seasons.   What resources do you want to help and assist with this nurturing place?
What you give to the landscape you get back – ever receiving and giving in that cycle.
Love and more love

July 6 2013 Thoughtful creatings…..
Thinking thoughts of bringing a new love into my life and engaging with the Universe to assist.
These thoughts had no words – just the pure thoughts of this joyous event and the help I asked to bring
us together now,
Beautiful wheels of light I saw – those were my thoughts and the thoughts create a hum and the hum a
vibration and the vibration creates lights and patterns and this  turned the wheels and made them spin
and patterns shifted then they spun away  gently and I know that the Universe received them in this way.
Then the Universe delivered back to me another wheel of light – that the message was received and to
continue with the thoughts so I did – spinning more spheres of patterned lights by my thoughts and when
they were ready the Universe received them and sent me another wheel of light that message was
received and then…
The Universe placed this thought to me – that this is how we create with the Universe that thinking good
and gentle thoughts and thanksgivings  are how our messages are heard and in that moment when our
messages are heard – we have created.  
Continuing with all gentle desires and loving  thoughts in this way is how we continue the act of creation
with the Universe.  It was entirely lovely and the knowing came from the deepest knowing part of me –
this was how we connect and create.  The key.
Love and more love

May, 2013
Be a Steward for Each Moment
Love and more love

Comes when I am quiet enough to hear the voice of the universe inside of me with the very best ideas
for new paintings.   
Love and more love

March 1, 2013
My story does not matter to me any longer.  The only thing that matters is what I am today.  What I am
today is an artist and writer.  I am learning to lead a loving life for myself – bringing joy and love into the
world because I am happy and joyful in this creative process.  That is how I am today.  
Love and more love

January 6, 2013
Yed Prior.  Love and more love

December 20, 2012
All is Well.  Love and more love

Soul Weavers © Laura Hamill 2012
All is welcome at this classroom.  In this Center for New Learning the students arrive on their first day
with open hearts. They check the stories at the door.  All are beginners in a sense because they are all
starting from the place of their hearts where the knowledge of the universe is stored. That is “all
welcome.”  Each soul a container of the vast and forever knowledge and in this classroom it is all
welcome because here is where it gets woven into the new fabric of today. In the weaving all is precious
and loved and the old ways of being are not part of the fabric. In fact, in the classroom of soul weavers
the memory of how they used to be and their stories are past and forgotten.  In this new class of the
heart the ways of weaving are with tenderness and awareness of the threads that are brought by the
ones that you sit with – some threads are very different than others and the knowing that the patterns
they make together – make the most beautiful fabric of a new experience.
This classroom is for dreamers and visionaries and writers and painters and singers and dancers. This
classroom is for people of earth and stars and forests and galaxies. The soul weavers come from
everywhere and all that is to make beautiful new and fresh weavings of worlds and stories for play and
love and the expression of creating.
No matter how the fabric is stretched and pulled it becomes a vast and beautiful flow of light and colors
and thoughts. In those patterns creation forms into new ideas of gathering places and homes and tribes
of souls. The new families of the universe.
With those beginning thoughts and patterns places are born into the fabric. Places made with love and
stardust and light and the purest thoughts of creation. There are tools (I do not have a name for them)
that I can see like building blocks of light pinging off each other in the classroom. These creatives, the
soul weavers are building new. They are making places that have no doors only windows and have a
fullness of life within them. Visiting places and staying places and places to learn.  Places of water and
nature and stars.  Places to experience for all, places to be at one time or many places to be all at once.  
There are no limiting thoughts in the building of these places, so the experience of the soul is vastness
and singular – however you want to play that day.
There are unions and tribes gathering now. These are always shifting and turning like the flow of a river.  
The meeting and meetups make new spaces because as the soul weavers meet new ideas, they make
new places.
So this endless and forever creating and shifting and building and learning classroom has no ending. It is
forever and it is always new.
The heartspace opens to an inside of creation that is so magnificent and so spacious – the place of birth.
Within that heartspace is the forever knowing of everything where all is welcome, where the threads of
the knowing and threads of thoughts and threads of creation are gently woven together in intricate and
simple patterns. The patterns have a strength and knowledge in them.  When you are close to the
patterns of creation the possibilities are endless. The pictures you make are magnificent. The reason for
everything and All That Is is the simplest and most beautiful – to create.
Then share these creations. In the open heart are endless threads to weave and when you create with
the soul weavers you see how the singular pattern of you becomes the shared pattern of all – a truly
beautiful fabric of life and sharing.
That shared fabric is what builds our lives, our tribes and our dwellings.  It makes planets and stars and
forests and rivers. It makes new.  
What a beautiful school this new life has created.  What a beautiful heart to have and know the gift of
creation and love.
In that open space – in this new school we are weaving stories.
The books are in the fabric. Some of them are still being woven, yet there is a knowing they are there,
already in the thread.  All it takes is a soul weaver and those loving thoughts to pick up the basket of
thread and start weaving the experience.
The shared stories being woven right now are really so big, my little pen and paper cannot fill the page.  I
do not have the words yet to describe because I haven’t learned them yet. I haven’t woven the thread
into the fabric yet. I know it is a perfectly timed weaving. The threads are joined into patterns and
perfection just as they should be, that is the love of it. The love of creating. Just like we keep writing on
the paper to see what shows up, we keep weaving love into the fabric of life. We keep weaving light into
the fabric of our life and we keep sharing thread with all the soul weavers we meet on the journey in the
classroom of the universe.
The thread of love is in a basket. There is an endless supply.  We keep weaving and go to the basket and
more is there, and still more.
This is where we reach when we feel empty. This is the only place to go when we feel like we “need.”
In this new classroom the soul weavers have the knowing of this. They brought this to the class, this
knowing where to go.  This knowing of always being full. The thoughts of emptiness do not exist anymore
in this classroom of soul weavers.  
That old story has been left behind. It cannot stand up anymore to the light of Truth of what we are and
what we create.
So keep weaving beloveds, you are the soul weavers of light and truth.
You are here to make new worlds and new experiences of love and laughter and light.
You are here to feed the universe with new thoughts of life.  You are here to nurture and grow creation
for All That Is.
What a creative life! What a fantastic mission!
In this new classroom you will make new teachers and classrooms.  You will make new soul weavers
and new places of love and light. You will build Heaven into everything you do. That is where you are
from. That is where you are now. That is where you will always be.  That is where love is.
I know this is all inside. Such a short journey to go from outside to inside yet it has taken me so long to
get here.
Like the birds that see shiny things and collect them, I was always looking somewhere else or trying to
find someone else.  Not so.  It is in me and always has been right there.  The heart of me.  Even if you
look in a mirror you cannot see it.  It is the basket of thread. It is the light of creation. It is the soul weaver
self and the classroom of soul weavers all at the same time.
That is also where the fabric of creation grows. It is where heaven resides. It is where all the stars and
galaxies swirl and spin together.
In the heart of me is everything.

March 11, 2012     What I want to tell you is:
I am here for you.
I know how to listen.
I know how to love.
I have a great, big heart.
I will give you a hand to help support or applaud whichever you require.
I love nature.
I feel trees in me.
I feel Light around everything and everyone.
That  smiles are the best invention ever.
That laughter is like a song.
The wind in the chimes on my cottage is nature tickling my ears.
The  glow of sunset is the prettiest color.
The clouds in the sky are the best picture.
The water in the river is the breath of mother earth.
That the sight of little bugs and bees and birds in my yard are the signs of life in everything.
That the moments of all these things put together is a perfect day for me.
That knowing I can pay attention enough to understand how wonderful these are is the best way to
understand myself.
That every time I take a breath it is a miracle.
That every time I feel happiness I am in heaven.
That every time I recognize joy in others I am feeling it too.
That seeing blossoms on the trees means playtime – spring is near.
That beautiful flowers and delicious fruit are the best presents anyone can give.
That being able to throw paint on a canvas and wait for the painting to show up is pure magic.
That sitting with faith makes my heart full.

In the Photograph © November 2011 Laura Hamill

In the photograph in my mind I see a bridge of lights and colors. These are the gentle weavings of my
energy – these strands of me that are pulled each moment to build bridges and make new paths for me.  
Sometimes the strands of my light lead nowhere in particular – just to a place to sit and wait. Sometimes
the strands connect with other strands – loose particles that I wrap together – like beads on a string to
make a pretty next path. Sometimes my strands weave with the strands of others to make a strong
bridge for us to have and share an experience in this time. These are all places that we were meant to go
on this journey.

My strands make patterns in the Universe and I don’t know where they lead. I know they are always ok.
If I have to untangle a strand of mine that has gone astray that is ok too because these are strands that
make me stronger for the next bridge I am building.
I see these bridges of light as jeweled colors and crystal clear and strong as a rock but also soft like
moving waters that can flex and flow and bend around obstacles because for some reason I know when
I make room for the obstacles there is always something more beautiful in the path. The obstacle really
acts like a direction finder to keep me building my strands of light in the right direction.
The bridge connects to other bridges and all are woven into a great and beautiful roadway and
sometimes just a view space and sometimes a big cliff – it is up to me to keep threading the strands that
I see – weaving them into new spaces and experiences – like a great treasure map.  Following one
bridge then hopping off to another then stopping and resting for a bit and sometimes I look back at the
weaving but most days now I don’t because I don’t have to go backwards. I can move on knowing
whatever I did before was ok and it was all for some gigantic cosmic weaving that is bigger than the
Universe and as gentle as a puff of air. The weaving is the all of the all and everything of my life.  The
weaving is all  my experiences and  include my tears, my laughter, my friends and my family, the words I
speak and write and the air I breathe and the thoughts I think.

Does this make the bridges some great fantasyland, yes, indeed!

When I see the bridges all together as one bridge they are the most intricate and beautiful embroideries I
have ever seen. Glistening threads of light in all colors making new patterns and ways for each of us.
When we try and break the threads apart and go off alone, it takes so much more time to make a new
bridge and sometimes it doesn’t go anywhere at all. Some weaving together, or at least weaving for the
altogether is the way to make the strands strong. This makes the bridges of tomorrows and connects
the light inside of all of us to the center of the Universe.
A photograph starts in my mind’s eye of the  places and beings and guides and lords of light that I dream

I carry the dream into my thoughts.  My thoughts start weaving the bridge of the light that is inside of me
and connects me to everything that I Am.

That is the place where all bridges lead to the inside of everything – the seed that starts us all.
In that sacred space is the spark of the undying light that builds all the bridges we could ever need on the
journey of experience.  In that space of creation we are the art and the makers of the art all at the same
time.  How great is that?  We can erase, add more to connect to other creations and still start over with
each new day – like a beautiful circle of creation forever making new places.
A photograph is also a memory of things that were a part of the illusion at one time – but just like the way
a photograph fades and disappears so do our thoughts of what it was like when the photograph was
made. Maybe that is the way we are supposed to guide ourselves back into the Now.  Because if we
cannot remember who is in the photograph and we see a picture fading away it no longer matters to
what we have become.

It is where we stand  - in the Now where our power lies.  In the now place are all the tools we need.  In the
now place are also the people we need. So I feel a sense of relief at stating that because I let go of the old
photograph. I have a great happiness knowing places I travel now are just right for these times for me.  
That the experience I am having is perfectly ok and how it turns out does not really become a concern
because in the place of letting go I know it always turns out just right.
The bridges of my thoughts on this are soft and gentle now – like water as I said before.  They expand to
hold more when they need to.  They contract when it is just a foot path for me to experience and I do not
feel the coming and going and the expanding and contracting are bad or good – they just are a part of the

So I am weaving and building and sitting still. I am living inside of this experience and I am living
everywhere all at the same time. I am like the photograph too.  Parts of me have faded and become
forgotten because I don’t need them any longer. Parts of me are like a beautiful and full color photograph
– fresh from the printer.  And parts of me are still developing – just coming into focus.

Love and more love

Growing Seeds ©  Laura Hamill 2011
Seeds are the places we grow from and can take on any form.  Seeds can be an idea; the thought of
something you want to experience.  They can also be the foundation for an entirely new world.
Let’s begin growing seeds for our new world by planting new thoughts.  As we move to a higher vibration
of beingness – so must our thoughts to make the places we live  - making new places to exist creating in

You begin by preparing the place you plant the seeds.   This place is built with love and trust.   Like the
way the farmer prepares  the rows of soil to accept the seeds.   With love you acknowledge that a
beautiful creation is going to be born.  With trust you know that the outcome (whatever it is) will be whole
and perfect – and in that trust you release all thoughts of the outcome to Divine Inspiration.  That is the
best part of creating.  In that trust you know (you have seen it before) that what will grow with that seed
you planted will be so much more beautiful than what your mind could have fashioned.  You have now
brought your seed (your idea) into the Light of Creation.  

The Universe – the Great Mother -  knows that there is a new seed to grow.  This is where you sit with
the love and trust and begin to nurture your seed.  This is where the effort of intention begins.   You are
standing in a place of love – looking at this new seed and it needs your touch – your thoughts  - your
energy.  This may require only the act of acknowledgement – that the seed is waking and forming.  It
may require you to actually touch it – put some physical effort into the waking the same way my fingers
touch the keyboard to write or hold the brush to paint.  Your seed may require you to meditate with it – in
some other space,  beyond  this dimension and with your heart and soul you will let energy flow between
you and your seed.  You will know because in the act of Divine Trust – where you prepared the field – the
answers will be there for you.

Now you feel the beauty of creation.  Now you recognize the seed is beginning to sprout.  You are
starting to see signs and hear words around you about this seed because the Universe is tapping you on
the shoulder, letting you know that the seed is growing.  When you see and hear the signs of this life
please say thank you. The act of gratitude is like water to a plant.  It is the pure exchange of energy
between your soul and the Universe of All That Is.  Consider the magic of that moment.  You planted the
seed.  You  are making something beautiful with the Universe and the Universe thanks you by bringing it
into reality. You thank the Universe for helping you in the act of Divine Creation.  This is the simply
elegant pattern of life.

As you sit during the growing time, other events are continuing as planned.  Your experiences are
continuing as planned.  Well, life goes on and you still feel that magic of something new coming your
way.  This is a sense beyond patience.  It is the pure joy of knowing something is being born that was
made with love and understanding of the way things are made.  As your experience continues you may
notice there is a shifting of patterns – making space for this new seed.  Making room in the elegant
pattern of your life for this wonderful creation to fit with complete ease and Grace.  You allow the shifts
and recognize they are like a path in the landscape leading you to a new garden.   You are walking on
that path with love in your heart and knowing that All Is Well and you remember the seed you planted in
the Universe.

The seed of your idea is nearly complete now.  You have made the space in your life for this new
experience.  You have learned a new way of being.  You are creating a new world for yourself with that
new idea and by doing that you are a creating a new world for All That Is.  
The seed is grown. The idea is complete and it shows up as if by magic.  It will feel like you just blinked
and it was there.  There is no sense of time in this creation process.  It all happens in the same moment.  
The idea of the seed and the fruit of your idea are held altogether in your hands at once.  That is the pure
energy of now.  In the single space there is you, the idea, the seed, the love and the Universe as one and
complete.  In the fraction of that now moment in your living and beingness you have co-created with All
That Is.

Thank you, I love you.
Love and more love.
Laura Hamill

Wake Up – September 4, 2011
Wake Up!  Rub the sleep from your heart.  Embrace everything around you with arms held wide open.
Wake Up! Stick your head back in the clouds where they belong.  Lie on your back on sweet Mother
Earth and watch the clouds drift by.  They have messages for you.  Notice there is no difference where
you end and they begin.  
Wake Up!  You are a heavenly creature of the Divine Universe – here to play and create and love.  Light
the candle in your heart and shine the light that is you on everything you see.
Do you now notice life all around you?   Stand around trees and water and flowers and look with soft
eyes at all the life in full enjoyment of this beautiful playground.  Take your shoes off and walk on the
sweet soil and sit next to a tree.
Wake Up! Open your heart and soul to nature.  The energy that runs through the soil and the trees and
the birds and flowers and the sky is the same energy that runs through you.  There is no separation.  You
are as much a part of the garden as everything else in this world.
Wake Up and remember!
Love and more love.
Laura Hamill  

Ancient Stone ©  Laura Hamill 2011
In this place where I was born, there is a sense of timelessness.

I started as fire, deep within the heart of a great mother. The fire grew to become a huge explosion and I
felt air and water and wind and became part of the landscape. Soaring cliffs of granite. Stone made
smooth by countless centuries of water and wind. Pieces of me would break apart and fall and become a
great mountain. The wind would blow seeds and trees would grow next to me. Some so large I would not
see the sun shine.

Then these beautiful animals started to visit me. They would rest in my arms and make smooth places to
sit. They would give birth around me and all of a sudden I would feel new and precious young ones
dancing on me. What a delightful dance. These are some of my best memories. The sharing of water,
wind and place with these things that are so alive they move and dance and make sweet noises to each
other.   I am so happy to share myself and this place of me with them.

Then some others came. They were very intent on changing me. They came to my place and made cuts
and holes around me. They started to add heavy pieces of trees that had fallen onto me. Always, I am
changing.  I am here, a mountain of stone and strong and supporting.
They make fire. Not like the place of fire I was born, but gentle warmth to keep them happy and together
during weather times. This fire makes them sing and dance sometimes, just like the animal children that
used to step lightly on my back. They are always changing the place of me. Moving parts of me to one
side and another of the mountain. Sometimes to plant more trees and fruits on me. This is enchanting.
These are smells and tastes I have never had before.  I am happy to be in this living place. It always is
about change.  

Now they are bringing heavier things to move me. These giant, grinding spiders walk on me and push me
to places away from where I am from.  They are trying to move me from my place with these smoking,
biting, heavy creatures. Sometimes I just give way. Sometimes I push back and enfold them into me, too
tired to play these games.

I am resting again now. The giant scraping, noisy, smoking spiders have moved away. The gentle
creatures of land are back. I get people visitors again, yet they are very softly stepping on me. Like a
reverence for an elder one. Am I really that ancient?

It is very peaceful now. I feel a small hand reach into me, gently chipping a part of me for a token. I am
happy to give myself for these things. They connect us, these pieces of me.  It is a new journey where I
am going. I am traveling away from my place, away from millions of tons of myself, thousands of storms
and trees and generations of life I have shared.  I am happy to go be this token of a great place, a
precious memory to this person that takes me away.

They are cutting me into a small shape. I remember this – these small, happy beings used to frolic in the
ponds that formed at my feet in my spaces of water. I am going to be a token of love, of a memory of a
place of mountains and trees, made into a beautiful shape of a frog. I still remember the frog songs on
sweet summer nights where they sky was always a bit light so I could see the life around me. This is a
fine place. I am resting again now on a beautiful cloth in a wonderful woman’s home. I still gaze and feel
my connection through her.

We are all connected. I never really left anywhere. I am still the mountain, the stream, the wind and the
trees. I am still the fire, the dance and the celebration.
Writing  My  Evolution